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You won't find these in a McDonalds playground

I've changed my attitude to car trips over the past few years. The journey has become almost as important as the destination. I used to dread long car trips, but a change in attitude, a packed lunch, some snacks, and a thermos of tea have changed that. I now well and truly love slow travel. We had to drive to the south coast of NSW last weekend. It's supposed to be a four hour journey, but it took us almost seven hours. We stopped to forage apples from the side of the road. Little Eco enjoyed exploring the huge old... Read more →

Warrumbungles National Park and the Crooked Mountain Concert

Have you ever seen a more magical backdrop for a concert? The Crooked Mountain Concert in the Warrumbungles National Park was the initial motivation for our current travels. It well-and-truly didn’t disappoint. I’ve wanted to go to this annual concert ever since learning of its existence a few years ago. As soon as I heard that the Black Sorrows were the lead act, I decided this year had to be the year. Full moon. Camping. Roasting Marshmallows. Playing in a creek. Mud art. Down time. Bush walking. Purely magical! Want out find out about other National Park events? For NSW... Read more →