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Compensation, bribery, or living vicariously through my child?

I’m pretty certain we’re doing the right thing moving to the country. And even if we're not – we can always move back. However, every now and then a sense of uncertainty hits me. Is it fair to drag our only child out to a regional area away from her friends? Will she make new friends? What will she do after school? Will she be lonely? Lately I’ve found myself encouraging a love she’s always had for horses. ‘Perhaps you can get your own pony’. ‘Imagine – you could even ride your horse to school. How cool would that be!’... Read more →

Holding my breath and hoping.....

There's a few big changes happening for the Little Eco Footprints household. Some of these changes are now certain and some are nearly so. I'm holding my breath and hoping that everything comes together as planned. I'll share more once everything becomes a little more certain, but these pictures will likely hint at one of the changes. Cross your fingers and toes for us..... Read more →