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Winter 2012 was our first season at our little farm. It was the season we started Little eco's natural playground. First we made the mud kitchen and now there's a rope swing. There's plans for more. It was the season I realised that being 'closer to nature' also means experiencing more often the heartbreaking impact that we have on her. This is a dead threatened Squirrel Glider stuck on our barbed wire fence. It happens so often that getting caught on barbed wire fences is listed as a threat to the species' survival. (more) I also experienced just how bad... Read more →

I’ve had the pleasure of a peeking into the lifestyle of a few small farm families recently. I enjoy being inspired by stories online – but nothing compares to real life inspiration. Or in my case, a real life reality check. I'll continue to work once we move to our little farm. Thankfully one of my jobs is a work from home position, which means I can live in a rural area and continue working in a position I enjoy. But it does mean 'the farm chores' will need to fit into the few hours before 8.30am and after 4pm.... Read more →

I learnt how to milk a cow last week. Little Eco and I were lucky enough to spend the week farm sitting Purple Pear Organic Farm. The gig included milking a gorgeous Jersey cow called Patsy. Learning how to milk a cow was way up on the top of my 'skills I want to learn' list, so I jumped at the chance when it arose. I spent two mornings joining Mark in the milking (Little Eco even had a go) and then we were on our own for five days. The results of my efforts on day 1 & 2... Read more →

Compost hot-tub

There's currently no hot water or electricity at our little farm. I'm actually enjoying not having any power, especially when it's combined with no mobile reception. But I must admit hot water would be nice. Last week I went three days without a shower - not something I want to repeat every week. Today I stumbled across the perfect temporary solution - a compost hot tub! Those of you reading this via email will need to pop over to the blog (by clicking on the post title) to view the above video. The video shares how to create a hot-tub... Read more →

I abandoned a dream of owning my own rural property years ago. I’ve wanted to live close to nature and grow my own food for as long as I can remember. But owning more than a backyard seemed like too much hard work. I warmed to our convenient and easy urban lifestyle. Good friends, like-minded community, diversity, opportunities, and plenty to see and do. I convinced myself that I could fulfil my needs here in the city and we renovated our home like it was our forever home. We had no intentions of moving and were happy. Then Daddy Eco... Read more →