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Do you like our new bedroom wall feature? We didn't have any space to store our bikes. We don't have a garage and our shed is too small so our bikes were crowding our study. I went in search of stylish indoor bike storage inspiration and found plenty. Who knew bikes could look so good inside?! Reassured that bikes could look good when stored properly, we decided to use our bedroom wall, took down our wedding photograph, and added a simple bike wall mount for Daddy Eco's bike. I simply park mine below. I love that I'm reminded every morning... Read more →

It's Ride to Work Day this Wednesday (13th October). Do you have a bike that sits neglected, rarely used? Do you wish you were the sort of person that rode to work, but don't think you could? Do you worry...'Will I look silly turning up at work on a bike? What will I wear? How will I cope with the helmet hair?' That used to be me. The first time I rode to work was a Ride to Work Day. Riding with others made that first step much easier. We stopped in at a cafe for breakfast. It was fun... Read more →

I seem to find an excuse each day not to ride my bike to work. It's mostly because i'm running late, which is a pretty slack excuse, because taking into account parking, its actually quicker to ride. I want to ride, and feel good when I do. I love the connection I feel with my community. I love the chats I have with Little Eco as she rides on the back. I love that it gets me moving. I've just fallen out of the habit. But i'm inspired to get back in the saddle after stumbling across the Simply Bike... Read more →