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We cycled the Fernleigh Track last weekend. We managed to cycle the entire 30km return journey. Little Eco started the trip on her new Trail-gator bicycle tow bar, but finished it sound asleep (wearing my jacket as pants) on the back of my bike. Notice the forced not-so-enthusiastic smile at the half-way mark? We had loads of fun and I enjoyed cycling in a car-free environment, so i'm dreaming of cycling every one of the Australian Rail Trails. It looks like there's hundreds of them. Perhaps there's a Rail Trail or Bike Path near you? I hope you have an... Read more →

We're planning to swap our second car for a cargo bike early next year. I've wanted to become a one-car family for a few years now, but Daddy Eco wasn't thrilled with the idea. I then started talking about us going totally car free for a year. I kept on telling him about car free families, like Gina's, Abby's, Tammy's and Meg's. All of a sudden being a one-car family seemed do-able in comparison to going totally car-free. So thankfully, he's now warmed to the idea of having only one car. We're currently having fun deciding which bike to get.... Read more →

We went to a good old fashioned drive-in last weekend. Here's what I packed for the night. Water bottles, thermos of hot chocolate, fruit and some nuts. I think i'm turning into my Gran. I remember her always packing a thermos of tea, a couple of sandwiches and some slices of cake for road trips. How about you? Do you pack food and drinks when heading out and about? Read more →

Slow travel is about making conscious choices, and not letting the anticipation of arrival undermine the pleasure of the journey. By choosing to travel slowly, we reshape our relationship with place and with the communities through which we pass on our journeys. A manifesto for slow travel This time last week I was sitting on a train. I had to be at a workshop on the Friday. I could have flown up Thursday night, stayed in a motel, done the workshop, and then flown home Friday night. Instead I decided to remind myself of the benefits of slow travel. 10... Read more →