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Commercial liquid hand soap was the first product I ditched when I started simplifying our household’s personal care products. I now make a simple foaming handwash using only two ingredients: water and castile soap. By switching to a simple homemade handwash, you can reduce exposure to unnecessary chemicals, minimise waste and save money. Read more →

I love pantry pampering. I wash my face with honey, soak in porridge and wash my hair with bi-carb soda. Every now and then I make a hair treatment or face mask with various combinations of egg, honey, olive oil, lemon, and yoghurt. Pumpkin and ginger are the latest additions to my list of favourite pantry pampering produce. I'm sharing recipes for pumpkin and ginger DIY skin and hair care. Read more →

One of my most shared posts is my 'Homemade moisturising body bar recipe'. Have you tried it? It's good. I thought I'd share five other ways I use this body bar: #1. As a barrier to prevent henna dying my skin, when dying my hair with henna. I apply it along my hairline. It works a treat and is petrochemical free, unlike Vaseline. #2. As a lip balm. I've put a little in an old lip balm tub. It's delicious and nourishing. #3. As a face moisturiser on cold winter evenings or really cold days. I put a small amount... Read more →

Little Eco and I are embracing pantry pampering. We recently enjoyed a honey and banana face mask. We mixed a mashed banana with honey, then jumped in the bath and slathered it all over our face. The vitamins in bananas are known to improve complexion and even smooth wrinkles (perhaps I should wear this mask more often!) and when combined with honey hydrates your skin. Skin benefits aside, our pantry pampering moments are more about time together than the beauty benefits. I've discovered that pantry pampering is a great way to calm Little Eco down and trick her into quiet... Read more →

The cold winter weather has wrecked havoc on my skin so I decided to enjoy some pantry pampering last night. I made a lime, coconut and salt exfoliating face scrub by combining the juice of 1 lime (lemon will work just as well), a teaspoon of coconut oil and enough salt to soak up all the liquid. I also made a moisturising honey and yoghurt face mask by combining around a tablespoon each of honey and yoghurt. My skin feels delicious ;-) What's your favourite pantry pampering recipe? Read more →