sustainable hair care Feed I've been dying my hair with Henna for a while now. I love being free of all those toxic chemicals in permanent hair dye. But one downside is that the coverage of grey isn't usually that great, with the grey hairs being redder than the remaining hair. These 'red highlights' look OK when you have just a few grey hairs. But I no longer have 'just a few'. So today, when mixing the Henna, I substituted the boiled water with hot black coffee. It's apparently supposed to help lessen the red tones, especially where there is a 'large percentage... Read more →

I had a busy week this week– so decided to treat myself to a little luxury this morning: a kitchen pantry pampering. You can find all the ingredients you need for a luxurious home spa treatment in your pantry..... My skin has been feeling dry and flaky and my hair super frizzy – so this morning’s treat focused on moisturising. Here’s what I used.... Salt exfoliating body scrub Place the juice of one lemon and an equal volume of olive oil in a jar and shake. Stirring, add salt until you have a thick paste like scrub. The salt dissolves... Read more →