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Our children need to get up and close and personal with wildlife in order to care for their environment. They are not going to care about nature unless they know nature. We recently visited Irukandji Shark and Ray Encounters at Bobs Farm, Port Stephens and came away with an increased awareness of how we can help conserve our marine environment. Read more →

Do your children have enough time to simply play? Or is their schedule too full? Unstructured play is how they learn to imagine, create, communicate, and resolve problems. It’s how they learn to live a meaningful life. Read more →

We evolved with microbes. And it’s starting to look like we don’t function properly without them. Here's 5 tips to boost your good microbes. 1 Play in the dirt. 2 Grow your own food organically. 3 Buy fruit and vegetables that have been grown on small organic or family farms. 4. Enjoy fermented foods. 5. Repeat. Read more →

Our children don't get enough wild time. Their missing out on opportunities to boost their confidence, resilience and creativity. But what can we do? School holidays provide a chance to catch up on wild time. There’s plenty of nature-based adventure playgrounds and school-holiday programs. Little Eco and I recently tried two of them: Treetops Adventure Park and Wildcraft Australia's Kids Camp. Read more →