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What our busy over-scheduled kids need most is time to simply play. It seems counter-intuitive, but I find myself having to schedule and organise unstructured play. It's not a matter of simply ensuring my daughter has free time - because if she managed her free time she'd spend it sitting in front of a screen. Here are some of my favourite ways to encourage unstructured play: Read more →

This Friday, March 20, is International Day of Happiness. I was disappointed to discover websites promoting the day suggest I celebrate in front of a screen. This is where we're least likely to find happiness. So instead - I'm celebrating by switching of screens for a week.... Read more →

Indoor plants can improve our mood, purify the air and even nurture our creativity. But to enjoy the benefits of indoor plants, it’s important to keep them healthy. A wilting, brown plant is not going to be very effective at improving mood or air quality. Indoor plants only need a little love and attention to thrive. Read more →

Commercial liquid hand soap was the first product I ditched when I started simplifying our household’s personal care products. I now make a simple foaming handwash using only two ingredients: water and castile soap. By switching to a simple homemade handwash, you can reduce exposure to unnecessary chemicals, minimise waste and save money. Read more →