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Yes..when the treasures find you. We've been the lucky recipients of some lovely second-hand treasures recently. There's these sweet little timber egg cups. They were an engagement gift to Daddy Eco’s parents more than 40 years ago. His mum thought we might like them. Oh we do. My mum spotted this glass bowl at a market and thought I might like it. How could I not? And these glass measuring cups belonged to one of Daddy Eco's distant relatives (his Great Uncles Aunt. Does that make her his Great Great Aunt?). I have a similar much loved measuring cup that... Read more →

We've been traipsing around second hand shops for months and months with a long list of furniture we wanted for our home. We typically find one or two pieces a month (if that!). Then last weekend the opp shop fairies (i’m sure there are such creatures) were looking out for us and we discovered... My long dreamed for sideboard… The only desk Daddy Eco and I have both liked (there’s been months of disagreements before finding this desk). A poof with storage for our Newspapers (seriously, this was on our wish list). Another 1940/50s kids chair. This definitely wasn’t on... Read more →

I recently heard someone remark that when growing up they were ashamed and embarrassed by the fact that that they wore second-hand clothing. Wearing second-hand and handmade was a sign of poverty..something to be ashamed of. That surprised me. I’ve learned to love wearing second-hand. I like that I can count the times our household has broken the ethical clothing pledge in the past nine months on one hand. I like that our clothes have a history...a story. Like the outfit Little Eco wore to a party today. The ribbon was a gift from my sister’s opp-shop-sourced ribbon collection. The... Read more →

We spent most of yesterday opp-shopping. We’ve almost finished renovating our study and now the best bit begins – furnishing it. I love having an excuse to browse antique and second-hand shops. It was fun. We browsed, had coffee, browsed, had lunch, and then browsed some more. By the end of the day we’d only found two of the items on our wish list. I don't mind. For me, buying second hand is as much about the hunt as the final purchase. We came home with a phone table with plenty of much needed storage and an old fashioned phone... Read more →

I was feeling a little flat this morning. I haven’t yet shaken this cold (despite the helpful hints) and was dragging myself around trying to do some chores. I gave up, and decided to pick some flowers instead. I’m glad I did. Bringing flowers inside always makes me feel energised and happy. There are very few flowers in our garden at the moment, but I managed to find just enough to fill a few second hand vases. I see sweet little vases like these all the time, often for only a dollar or two, and can’t resist them. How could... Read more →