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Why do I still have moments of mindless consumption?

I enjoy mindful consumption. I love the warm and fuzzy feeling that comes with consciously making a wise purchase. Even a small purchase like buying local milk, makes me happy because I know my money is supporting a local business that treats their cows kindly. Mindful consumption takes time, but I know the benefits are worth the effort. Little Eco started ballet a few weeks ago. Part of me wanted to race out and buy her a new leotard, skirt and shoes straight away. I nearly did. All it would have taken was one trip to the shops and we... Read more →

I've been avoiding op shops lately. I recently mentioned that I like the idea of becoming a minimalist, but can't because I enjoy op shopping too much. I find it almost impossible to walk away from all those 'once in a lifetime' finds. That's one of the problems with thrift shopping, all too often I see things I love but don't need. What if I never see the same for sale ever again? I may need it one day. How can I resist? It's only a few dollars. I'm hopeless. So rather than be tempted I simply stay away from... Read more →

I thought i'd share a few of Little Eco's favourite play spaces. 'Little lounge room' Little Eco's 'Little Lounge Room' occupies a teeny corner of our lounge room. Most of its contents are well and truly 'pre-loved'. The timber lounge was made by my grandfather around 38 years ago (it doubles as a table). There's the Itsy bitsy teeny weeny kitchen hutch, and a vintage tin. The tea cups, picnic basket, dolls house, doily, cardboard filing boxes, and side table are also all pre-loved. Craft space This craft space has been around for only a week or so, but has... Read more →