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Megan from The Byron Life recently featured the dress-up wings I made for Little Eco from old t-shirts (using this tutorial). She's motivated me to share some pictures of the wings I've subsequently made for birthday gifts..... {image by Madeline} There were three more sets, all for boys. In black & red, browns and blues. But I made these three the night before they all needed to gifted (on the same day!) so I barely finished them let alone had time to take a photo. I haven't been able to motivate myself to make a pair since that epic night.... Read more →

I know what Little Eco would do. Fly, of course. Perch on a fence. Sit in a tree. Perch some more. And join a flock. I added this tutorial for dress-up wings to my 'love to make' list as soon as I saw the gorgeous wings Christie made. I had plans to make them 'one day'. But then I spotted the magical wings the Artful Jen made her children and decided I had to make a pair this weekend. I made our wings out of a few old t-shirts. I've thankfully built up a bit of an op-shop-sourced stash after... Read more →

I finally got around to making Little Eco a pillow slip dress. I haven't had much time for sewing recently, and then last weekend Little Eco woke up and asked me to make her a yellow dress. She was a little surprised when I agreed. She excitedly chose the pillow case and we worked together sewing in our PJ's before breakfast. I was going to try and pretend that the point of this post was to motivate the beginner sewers among you to try making a pillow slip dress. There's loads of tutorials online. I used this one, and for... Read more →

I've found my favourite handmade girls gift: maya*made's Reinvention skirt. I LOVE this pattern! It's quick and easy, and best of all, you use pre-loved t-shirts. I've now made half a dozen of these skirts as gifts and i'm certain i'll make plenty more. They only take around an hour or two to make, so are perfect for those 'whip up on the night before' gifts. For more creative spaces head on over to Kirsty's. P.S. I recently discovered Tiny & Little. It's a super cute free e-mag about 'parenting, living and celebrating' that's definately worth sharing. Check out it's... Read more →

It's a gorgeous Spring day today. After five minutes of throwing clothes around my bedroom I gave up on trying to fit into last years shorts and was considering a quick trip to the local shops to buy some new clothes. I resisted the urge and did a super quick refashion of an old $2 pair of comfy second-hand jeans. ...a few minutes later I had a 'new' pair of shorts and Little eco had two 'new' skirts. Read more →