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Preserving food doesn’t have to be complicated or time consuming - freezing fruit

I used to be less than enthusiastic about preserving food. I wanted to take advantage of cheap seasonal produce, but was turned off by the seemingly complicated process of bottling (or canning for those of you in the US). The time consuming and messy methods involved in jam and sauce making also deterred me. I’ve since fallen in love with preserving because I’ve learnt that you’re rewarded many times over for your effort. I’ve also realised preserving food doesn’t have to be hard or time consuming. One of the easiest and fastest ways to preserve food is to freeze it.... Read more →

This morning while in the midst of making breakfast, trying to find enough food to fill three lunch boxes, and checking dinner was sorted for tonight, Little Eco asked me to make a batch of play dough. I was about to throw my arms up in the air and proclaim that there was no way in the world that I had time to make playdough and that she'll just have to wait until tonight. But then I thought, it would keep her out of my hair entertained while I got on with things, and really playdough doesn't take that long... Read more →

I was recently blown away by how fun and easy Pita Pocket Bread is to make. It's loads of fun to cook, since each flat circle of dough puffs up like a balloon, in 1-2 minutes. The cooled, deflated balls of bread are then cut to form pockets which can be filled with anything you like. They can even be frozen for later use, although I can't imagine how any could be left to freeze. These delightful, light, little pockets are absolutely delicious. Although perhaps the fairy that kneaded the dough had something to do with that. Or perhaps it... Read more →

I'm into honey at the moment. As you can imagine, with all that glorious golden honey sitting in my pantry, I can't think of much else. I've a few honey and beekeeping posts dancing around in my head. I hope you can cope with a week of me chatting about honey and beekeeping? I just had to share this recipe for mini banana and honey cakes. These sweet little cakes are so quick and easy to make. Little Eco and I whipped up a batch in the 15 minutes before having to walk out the door to swimming lessons the... Read more →