Our little farm Feed

I abandoned a dream of owning my own rural property years ago. I’ve wanted to live close to nature and grow my own food for as long as I can remember. But owning more than a backyard seemed like too much hard work. I warmed to our convenient and easy urban lifestyle. Good friends, like-minded community, diversity, opportunities, and plenty to see and do. I convinced myself that I could fulfil my needs here in the city and we renovated our home like it was our forever home. We had no intentions of moving and were happy. Then Daddy Eco... Read more →

Holding my breath and hoping.....

There's a few big changes happening for the Little Eco Footprints household. Some of these changes are now certain and some are nearly so. I'm holding my breath and hoping that everything comes together as planned. I'll share more once everything becomes a little more certain, but these pictures will likely hint at one of the changes. Cross your fingers and toes for us..... Read more →