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The environmental and financial benefits of sharing and hand-me-downs are widely recognised. Most of us know that when we borrow or favour pre-loved we minimise waste and reduce resource use. But a major hurdle in the use of second-hand items is being able to find what we need, when we need it. I have found one of the most effective ways to find what you want without resorting to buying new is to let your friends and family know what you are searching for. It’s highly likely that someone will have what you need sitting unused and unloved in their... Read more →

Winter 2013 was when we enjoyed the first egg from our new hens. The hens are given plenty of love in return. I've stopped worrying about dragging an only child out to a rural area. Between school and visitors there are plenty of friends to play with. And when she is alone.... ...there are always adventures to be had (more often than not, while wearing fancy-dress). Monday night became 'campfire night'. I treasure our campfire conversations and am already looking forward to next Winter. Afternoon kindling collection became one of my favourite moments of the day. Initially I begrudged this... Read more →

Autumn 2013 was the season we finally took a deep breath and looked beyond the struggles of living in a shed and started to appreciate how lucky we are to be creating a home in such a magical place. I shared one of my favourite childhood memories with Little Eco - damper twirls cooked on a campfire and filled with golden syrup. She enjoyed them so much she promptly declared Monday night is camp fire night. I can live with that. We celebrated the inaugural dunny move. The garden is slowly growing, with a little help from our chooks, free... Read more →

Don't let fear of uncertainty stop you from following your dreams. The main reason uncertainty is feared is concern that the worst could happen. However, if you identify the worst case scenario and prepare for it, then there's nothing to fear. Read more →

Spring 2012 was the season... ...Little Eco and I started staying regularly at our little farm. Two nights a week we join Daddy Eco in the shed. We've fallen in love with the space. Space to run. Space to ride her bike. Space to explore. ...Little Eco started making sweet paperbark cards from the trees near our dam. ...We discovered just how dry and hot it gets at our little farm. Water is high on our list of priorities. ...Given the heat, trips to a nearby creek became a favourite afternoon activity. ...I spotted these super cool lights at Berry... Read more →