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I’d like to take my connection with nature to the next level and learn a few bush survival skills. So I was pleased to discover Wildcraft Australia – a Hunter based wilderness survival school. Guides Nikki and Sam deliver courses in bush craft, survival skills, wild craft for kids, weaving, bush food, knife making, cord making and more... Read more →

My daughter and I recently took off our shoes and tried barefoot bushwalking. Surprised by how good we felt during and after our barefoot walk, I wanted to find out more about the benefits of walking barefoot. I asked a barefoot Buddhist monk friend why he thought walking barefoot is good for us. Here's his thoughts on the benefits of barefoot walking. Read more →

There are many ways to welcome native bees into our backyards. One of my favourite is to provide nesting habitat. Little Eco and I recently made a native solitary bee hotel. Much to our amazement the hotel was occupied almost as soon as it was opened. We have baby bees! Read more →

I recently stumbled across the concept of 'forest bathing', an activity widely practised in Japan. Forest bathing, or Shinrin-yoku, is basically a short wander through a forest. The benefits of forest bathing include relaxation, stress relief, mental clarity and even increased immune function. Read more →

Creating habitat for wildlife in our backyards is a worthwhile gesture no matter what the size of your yard. Even the tiniest urban backyard can provide habitat for native birds, butterflies, microbats, bees and lizards. Tricia shares tips for how to welcome wildlife into your backyard. Read more →