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We're planning a backyard natural playground. After spotting Marganita's cute fairy seating area I decided we had to have one. But I had no idea where I was going to find a tree stump. By chance, we visited my mum shortly after an old tree had been cut down due to safety. They were going to use it for firewood! I'm so glad we saved it. So far these stumps from the tree that grew outside my childhood bedroom window have been stepping stumps, doll seats, a table for a delicious garden salad, and a seat for a vet. I... Read more →

Tomorrow marks the start of National Recycling Week. I'm doing some recycling myself....recycling an old post: We are recycling too much. Just remember, the 'reduce' is so much more important than the 'reuse' and 'recycle'. Little Eco playing with a puppet she made from recycled bits and pieces last week. Read more →

A few friends looked after our chooks while we were away. I thought an appropriate thank you gift for the chook-sitting kids would be some miniatures of our chooks. Using the 'Baby Chick' instructions in The Sweater Chop Shop book, some felted jumpers, and rescued buttons, I created.... Tara, Mable, Dunno, Lollie and Wanda. These cute little chicks are so quick and easy to make (once I followed the instructions properly instead of trying to do my own thing). I'm not sure the real Tara and Mable were impressed. While on the topic of felt toys. Have you seen... Read more →

I made a pair of slippers for Daddy Eco from felted wool recycled from old jumpers (or sweaters for those of you from the US). They didn't turn out quiet like I had planned. I was aiming for something like these super cute mens slippers. I used this easy tutorial, but I struggled with making the pattern. The first time he tried them on they just fell off his foot when he walked. I so wish i'd taken a photo. They were huge. I resized them maybe ten times and after hours of frustration they finally fit. Although they look... Read more →

I’ve been inspired by some wonderful pallet upcycling creations recently. They’re too good not to share…… Toddler bed by Design Sponge (found via Inhabitots). Outdoor coffee table from Vintage Chica. Pallet shelf by Saltwater Kids. Chook pen by Helicopter Studios. Storage shelving by Pftburger. Recycled path. Image source. I'm also loving this coffee table,this bookshelf, this potting bench, these daybeds, and this mini shed. I can't decide what I want to make first? P.S. Thank you to those of you who shared your TV stories and struggles. I loved reading about your TV experiences. I was actually a little worried... Read more →