Kangaroo meat Feed

With all the mushrooms we have been harvesting (almost a kg a day!), I have been craving Beef Stroganoff - but I could not bring myself to make it given that I no longer eat farmed red meat due to its ecological impact…So I thought I would try Kangaroo Stroganoff. Kangaroo meat has a significantly smaller ecological footprint than farmed red meat such as beef or lamb. I used this beef stroganoff recipe and substituted kangaroo steak for the beef. It was yum! Just as good as the beef version – but without the eco guilt. Read more →

I made a promise to celebrate Australia Day by eating kangaroo because of the environmental benefits of kangaroo over other meats. Well I did. It was actually tasty. We had herb and garlic kangaroo meat kebabs. We ate them with locally grown beans and corn bought at the farmers markets just around the corner the previous day. We have decided we can easily replace other red meats in our diet with kangaroo. Realistically, we only eat red meat once in every two weeks or so and have decided that this would be an easy and worthwile change. I have to... Read more →