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We enjoyed some windy winter beach time this morning at today's Playdate for the Planet. A few brave mums and littlies ventured out into the wind, and we were rewarded with kite flying, seashells, sunshine, and dolphins. I love the beach in winter. If you are interested in joining our next Playdate simply subscribe by emailing You can find our events program here. We came home with a collection of shells, smooth stones and..... ...plastic! I was surprised by how many times I picked up what I thought was a bright shell, only to find that it was plastic.... Read more →

This is me (far right), my sister and some neighbours after a visit to our local creek. It was the late 1970’s or early 80's and we regularly returned home covered in mud after hours playing unsupervised in our local creek. We spent most afternoons roaming local bushland, building cubbies and riding our bikes as far as our legs would take us. You too? What about our children? I think it's going to be almost impossible for me to give Little Eco a childhood like the one I had and treasure. It’s something I’ve been pondering recently, so I’m looking... Read more →

We're planning some new raised garden beds. I'm still not sure what material I want to build them out of, so was pleased to see all the different styles of raised garden beds at Sandhills Community Garden, Newcastle East. I'm no closer to making a decision....but am inspired to think about being creative with colours. The garden has an open day this Sunday 6th June. I'd love to check out the Green Roof workshop. Details here. Read more →

I was a tad surprised when I walked into our lounge room the other night and saw this... He was sewing on a button! He hadn't even asked me to help. He sews one thing and all of a sudden he has sewing confidence. I wonder what he'll sew next? A quick note regarding some exciting upcoming eco events in Newcastle: The Hunter Alliance for Childhood is hosting a screening of 'Consuming Kids: The Commercialisation of Childhood' this Friday night at 7.30 pm @ Cinema for the Soul (32-34 Bolton St Newcastle). Tickets are $5 and available at the door... Read more →

I've returned from my little holiday feeling energised and inspired. In many ways it was as I expected…waking early, daily yoga, plenty of relaxation and meditation, healthy vegetarian food, refreshing river swims, new friends, heart-warming kirtan, and quiet bushwalks. I surprisingly even enjoyed the daily Karma yoga (i.e. chores). But what I didn’t expect was for the retreat to be a sustainable living bootcamp of sorts. We had lessons in cooking healthy balanced vegetarian meals and had plenty of cooking practice in the kitchen. I got used to bush showers (a.k.a navy showers) and became comfortable ‘letting my yellow mellow’.... Read more →