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One of my most shared posts is my 'Homemade moisturising body bar recipe'. Have you tried it? It's good. I thought I'd share five other ways I use this body bar: #1. As a barrier to prevent henna dying my skin, when dying my hair with henna. I apply it along my hairline. It works a treat and is petrochemical free, unlike Vaseline. #2. As a lip balm. I've put a little in an old lip balm tub. It's delicious and nourishing. #3. As a face moisturiser on cold winter evenings or really cold days. I put a small amount... Read more →

Slow Living Diary {January 2012}

The sort of information I share in this blog is different to what I might share if I was chatting to a friend over a cuppa. I’d probably tell them about the delicious batch of lemon balm tea I made and how I had to throw it out because it went mouldy, or the crazy challenge I’ve signed up for. Reading some of the entries in Christine’s monthly diary ‘Slow Living Month by Month’, I got the sense that the information being shared was cuppa fodder. I couldn’t help but join in. So grab a cuppa and real along. This... Read more →

Stop buying stuff and donate instead: Charity Christmas gifts

We're giving charity gifts this Christmas. I love that by giving charity Christmas gifts we're distancing ourselves from the commercialisation of Christmas. I also love that charity giving is super green, because the resources involved include little more than some paper, printing and postage. And let's not forget that charity Christmas gifts are tax deductible. I hope that giving charity gifts becomes a new Christmas tradition for our family. It's not like anyone in our family truly needs anything. I finished our Christmas shopping only moments ago and have a lovely warm and fuzzy feel-good feeling. I don't recall shopping... Read more →

Upcycling old woollen jumpers into felt stash boxes {crafternoon blog party}

Little Eco and I enjoy upcycling old materials into something new. I often struggle to come up with quick and easy projects that we can complete in an hour or two, so we've been enjoying the inspiring project ideas in Kathreen's two latest Kids Crafternoon books: Kids' Crafternoon Felting and Kids' Crafternoon beading. Like the previous two crafternoon books, each book is filled with practical and creative projects that can be easily completed by beginner crafters in an afternoon. Little Eco and I choose to start by making a couple of the Zakka Stash Boxes (contributed by Suzie Fry) to... Read more →