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Bunya nuts would have to be one of the most under-appreciated Australian bush foods. I’ve been enjoying an abundance of bunya nuts and have been surprised by how delicious and versatile this bush tucker is. Here's some tips for processing and cooking bunya nuts. Read more →

Indoor plants can improve our mood, purify the air and even nurture our creativity. But to enjoy the benefits of indoor plants, it’s important to keep them healthy. A wilting, brown plant is not going to be very effective at improving mood or air quality. Indoor plants only need a little love and attention to thrive. Read more →

It's easy to not appreciate the true cost of our food when it’s so cheap. The full ethical and environmental costs aren’t included in the "Cheap, cheap. Down, down" prices you’ll find at the supermarket or fast food outlet. Thankfully, once you become more connected to your food, cheap undervalued food becomes easier to resist. I recently processed one of our roosters - and the value of chicken meat in my mind has increased exponentially. Read more →

Rainwater barrels and water tanks are probably what most people think of when wanting to catch and store rainwater for their garden. But there are other easier and far less expensive options. Permaculture practitioner and educator Mark Brown from Purple Pear Farm recently shared a few water collecting ideas with me. Read more →