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My bee hives are buzzing after months of quiet. The wattles and eucalypts have burst into blossom. And there's an energy in the air that assures me that winter is over. Sprinter has sprung. According to Tim Entwisle, author of Sprinter and Sprummer: Australia's changing seasons, the traditional four season system does not make sense in Australia. Read more →

A large bucket of ash – the result of cleaning out our wood stove – had me searching for ways to use wood ash. A byproduct of burning hardwood, wood ash is far more useful than I expected. It can be used to decrease soil acidity and sweeten smelly worm farms. Chooks love to bathe in it, and it can even be used to make soap. Read more →

Rhubarb is one worthwhile garden plant. It’s beautiful, hardy, low-maintenance and delicious. I especially love that you plant it once and, if you care for your patch properly, you can be harvesting rhubarb indefinitely. Right now – late winter and into early spring – is a good time to plant rhubarb. Read more →

I'm feeling very grateful for the healing power of plants. I've been using comfrey leaves to soothe a sore back and have been surprised by how well it works. Comfrey is not only a useful medicinal herb – it can also be used in the garden to improve and fertilise soil. My love for comfrey is stronger than ever and I'm determined to grow as much of this useful plant as I can. Read more →

We evolved with microbes. And it’s starting to look like we don’t function properly without them. Here's 5 tips to boost your good microbes. 1 Play in the dirt. 2 Grow your own food organically. 3 Buy fruit and vegetables that have been grown on small organic or family farms. 4. Enjoy fermented foods. 5. Repeat. Read more →