Garden Feed

I'm making weed tea. In a couple of weeks' time I'll have bucketfuls of stinky liquid fertiliser, rich in minerals and microbes, ready to boost the productivity and resilience of my garden. Turning weeds into nutrient-rich liquid fertiliser is a great way to use a resource that may have otherwise gone to waste. Read more →

I've challenged myself to spend an hour in the garden each day for the whole of spring. Time in the garden is good for our health, wellbeing - and can even increase our longevity. Here's eight reasons why its a good idea to get out in the garden each day. Read more →

My first sweetcorn seeds for the season have gone into the ground. I've sown two varieties so far and will be planting at least another three. I didn't plan to grow so much corn, but I couldn't resist. A corn and maize conservation project run by Greenpatch Organic Seeds is now in its third year and Australian gardeners can start to reap its rewards. Read more →