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Our paddock is full of Scurvy Weed. It popped up after the rain and is thriving. I was pleased to discover its leaves are edible. The terminal buds can be eaten raw or cooked. I felt like I’d discovered a field of spinach and lettuce at my back door. I foraged a bunch and added a couple of handfuls of terminal buds to a frittata. It was delicious. Read more →

I spotted some native raspberries a few weeks back when on a bushwalk. I tasted a few but found them rather tasteless. Back home I learnt that what I'd tasted was probably Rubus rosifolius, commonly known as Native Raspberry or Rose Rose-leaf Bramble. It's described as having 'edible but insipid' fruit. Definition of inspid: 'lacking taste or savor : tasteless' Yep, that's what I tasted. But apparently there's other Australian native raspberries that taste good The Small Leaf Bramble (Rubus parvifolius) apparently has fruit that 'varies immensely in quality but when it's good, it's very, very good'. A tea made... Read more →