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Many superfoods not only come with a high price tag, they can also have high environmental and social costs. Thankfully, there are sustainable and ethical superfoods available for free and you’ll likely find them in your own backyard - weeds. Edible weedy greens are actually more nutritious than the greens you’ll find at the greengrocer. I'm sharing tips for how to forage for weedy greens. Read more →

It’s blackberry picking season here in Australia. I'm sharing tips for safe blackberry picking and an easy recipe for blackberry jam. A common response when I mention blackberry picking is “How do you know the plants haven’t been sprayed?” This concern is justified given that blackberry is an aggressive weed here in Australia and herbicides are used in its control. I share tips for reducing the risk of foraging from recently sprayed plants. Read more →

Making a worm farm using free and recycled materials is easy – easy enough that children can do it themselves with just a little help. I'm sharing how to make a worm farm over at Childhood 101. As you may have noticed, I'm a little obsessed with foraging. I recently shared a recipe for a Winter foraging feast over at the 1 Million Women blog. Can I tempt you to try Stinging Nettle frittata with a side of Chickweed? Read more →