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Bunya nuts would have to be one of the most under-appreciated Australian bush foods. I’ve been enjoying an abundance of bunya nuts and have been surprised by how delicious and versatile this bush tucker is. Here's some tips for processing and cooking bunya nuts. Read more →

Foraging is more than simply gathering free food. It can fulfil an innate urge to collect and is surprisingly rewarding. But it can take a while to get used to the unusual and variable flavours. I've found that prickles, patience and practice are part of the process when learning how to forage food. Learning how to forage Prickly Pear provides the perfect example. Read more →

I’d like to take my connection with nature to the next level and learn a few bush survival skills. So I was pleased to discover Wildcraft Australia – a Hunter based wilderness survival school. Guides Nikki and Sam deliver courses in bush craft, survival skills, wild craft for kids, weaving, bush food, knife making, cord making and more... Read more →

You may have been weeding chickweed from your garden lately. It is a common cool-season weed and is abundant right now. Removing this plant is like pulling out a patch of lettuce or spinach. Chickweed (Stellaria media) is tasty and nutritious. It is also easy to identify, making it safe for beginner foragers. Read more →

I recently enjoyed a meal that I had been planning for months. A meal made from ethical, frugal and sustainable meat that would have otherwise gone to waste. The slow-cooked stew was nourishing, delicious and proudly served to my family. The key ingredient? Roadkill kangaroo. Read more →