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I spotted some native raspberries a few weeks back when on a bushwalk. I tasted a few but found them rather tasteless. Back home I learnt that what I'd tasted was probably Rubus rosifolius, commonly known as Native Raspberry or Rose Rose-leaf Bramble. It's described as having 'edible but insipid' fruit. Definition of inspid: 'lacking taste or savor : tasteless' Yep, that's what I tasted. But apparently there's other Australian native raspberries that taste good The Small Leaf Bramble (Rubus parvifolius) apparently has fruit that 'varies immensely in quality but when it's good, it's very, very good'. A tea made... Read more →

I get a buzz out of foraging for food. I love that foraged food is free, has super low food miles, and provides yet another alternative to buying food from the supermarket. It also seems absurd to ignore these local food sources. I believe there’s more to ‘the buzz’ than simply knowing the advantages of foraged food. I sense an almost primal urge to gather and forage. There are a number of foods I’m comfortable foraging, like Purslane (shown above), New Zealand Spinach (shown below), Blackberries and fruit from abandoned trees, but I’d like to expand the foods I forage.... Read more →