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I stumbled across a pile of plastic toys dumped in bushland a while back. The scene clearly illustrates one of the problems with cheap plastic toys. They never ever go away. Every molecule of synthetic plastic ever created is still in existence somewhere on the planet, unless it was incinerated. Before you head out for that last minute Christmas shopping spree, stop and consider the true cost of those cheap toys. I’m sure our children really don’t need more cheap plastic rubbish. Our purchases impact their future. Read more →

As the recent school holidays drew near, I started planning activities and outings – but then I stopped. I realised that what Little Eco needed most was free time. She’s only in her first year of school – but already I feel that the business that accompanies school and after-school activities leaves little time for play. I kept organised activities to a minimum and watched as she remembered how to play. Read more →

Making a worm farm using free and recycled materials is easy – easy enough that children can do it themselves with just a little help. I'm sharing how to make a worm farm over at Childhood 101. As you may have noticed, I'm a little obsessed with foraging. I recently shared a recipe for a Winter foraging feast over at the 1 Million Women blog. Can I tempt you to try Stinging Nettle frittata with a side of Chickweed? Read more →