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Last Sunday I spent time with two of my elders - My Gran and David Suzuki (I also spent the day with my Mum – but it wouldn’t be very smart of me to call her an elder now would it). My time with David Suzuki wasn’t exactly one-on-one. I joined a couple of thousand other people in a packed Opera House to hear him speak. His inspirational talk was based on his latest book ‘The Legacy’: an elder’s vision for our sustainable future. His reflections on how we got where we are today and his vision for a better... Read more →

Flicking through the pages of an old book from the 1950's I spotted these sweet little bookmarks. They're made from the corners of old envelopes and simply slip over the page to be marked. I'll definitely be snipping the corners from used enveloped from now on. Then perhaps my books won't look like this: I don't treat good books well. Books that inspire me are full of dog ears, notes and tags. As you can tell, the above book inspired me. It's The Green Hour by Todd Christopher. I'll be posting a review in the next day or two and... Read more →

I’ve been inspired by some wonderful pallet upcycling creations recently. They’re too good not to share…… Toddler bed by Design Sponge (found via Inhabitots). Outdoor coffee table from Vintage Chica. Pallet shelf by Saltwater Kids. Chook pen by Helicopter Studios. Storage shelving by Pftburger. Recycled path. Image source. I'm also loving this coffee table,this bookshelf, this potting bench, these daybeds, and this mini shed. I can't decide what I want to make first? P.S. Thank you to those of you who shared your TV stories and struggles. I loved reading about your TV experiences. I was actually a little worried... Read more →

I've returned from my little holiday feeling energised and inspired. In many ways it was as I expected…waking early, daily yoga, plenty of relaxation and meditation, healthy vegetarian food, refreshing river swims, new friends, heart-warming kirtan, and quiet bushwalks. I surprisingly even enjoyed the daily Karma yoga (i.e. chores). But what I didn’t expect was for the retreat to be a sustainable living bootcamp of sorts. We had lessons in cooking healthy balanced vegetarian meals and had plenty of cooking practice in the kitchen. I got used to bush showers (a.k.a navy showers) and became comfortable ‘letting my yellow mellow’.... Read more →

Time for another dose of Monday eco inspiration to get you through the week. This week it is a quote: We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children. Given that Little Eco has been the inspiration for my journey towards living a sustainable life, I can really relate to this quote at the moment. In honor of Australia Day, and a younger Australia, here are some photos of the way my Dad and Grandparents lived. Have a lovely Australia day! Read more →