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Commercial liquid hand soap was the first product I ditched when I started simplifying our household’s personal care products. I now make a simple foaming handwash using only two ingredients: water and castile soap. By switching to a simple homemade handwash, you can reduce exposure to unnecessary chemicals, minimise waste and save money. Read more →

Preloved furniture appeals to me far more than the mass-produced furniture typically found in stores today. Favouring second hand is the easiest way to reduce the environmental impact of your furniture. There are no new resources used and no waste going into landfill. You get a perfectly good piece of furniture without having to wear the environmental costs. I'm sharing tips for buying preloved furniture. Read more →

I recently stumbled across an idea that really appeals to me – resetting to zero. Once a week, author and blogger Colin Wright resets his home, work and life to zero. He tidies his home until every surface is clear of clutter. He empties his inbox - every message is either deleted or acted upon and archived. His to-do list is emptied of urgent items. Each and every week Colin enjoys a moment when his mind and environment is clear of clutter. Read more →

For the past year my family and I have been quietly conducting a rather large experiment in voluntary simplicity. We've been living in a shed. Living in a small uninsulated shed without internal plumbing definitely had its challenges – but I also learnt that small living has big benefits. Here's what living in a shed for a year taught me about simple living... Read more →

I don’t mind sharing my home with a few spiders. It’s been years since I’ve used insect spray and I’ve never organised a pest control treatment. My main motivation was avoiding chemicals, but I recently learnt that by avoiding pesticides, I may actually be helping to minimise bugs in my home. University of Sydney biologist Elizabeth Lowe has found that killing household spiders can result in an increase in other pests. Read more →