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The mosquito season is about to begin – so I'm preparing our natural mosquito control arsenal. Mosquito coils aren't part of our mozzie control kit. Popping a mosquito coil by your table while enjoying a barbecue is as hazardous as having a chain smoker sit at your table. Instead we're welcoming microbats into our backyard. Read more →

A large bucket of ash – the result of cleaning out our wood stove – had me searching for ways to use wood ash. A byproduct of burning hardwood, wood ash is far more useful than I expected. It can be used to decrease soil acidity and sweeten smelly worm farms. Chooks love to bathe in it, and it can even be used to make soap. Read more →

I've fallen in love with the idea of building a home from hemp. Growing hemp is a great way to sequester carbon and restore farmland. And hemp homes are comfortable to live in. Hemp walls are highly insulative and behave similar to materials with high thermal mass. The breathable walls also manage humidity efficiently and provide excellent indoor air quality. Read more →

Indoor plants can improve our mood, purify the air and even nurture our creativity. But to enjoy the benefits of indoor plants, it’s important to keep them healthy. A wilting, brown plant is not going to be very effective at improving mood or air quality. Indoor plants only need a little love and attention to thrive. Read more →