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I've found my favourite handmade girls gift: maya*made's Reinvention skirt. I LOVE this pattern! It's quick and easy, and best of all, you use pre-loved t-shirts. I've now made half a dozen of these skirts as gifts and i'm certain i'll make plenty more. They only take around an hour or two to make, so are perfect for those 'whip up on the night before' gifts. For more creative spaces head on over to Kirsty's. P.S. I recently discovered Tiny & Little. It's a super cute free e-mag about 'parenting, living and celebrating' that's definately worth sharing. Check out it's... Read more →

I took down our christmas cards yesterday. Rather than throw them out I recycled them into gift tags ready to use next christmas. I was actually a bit sneaky this christmas and recycled many of this years cards as tags before christmas was even over. At least I won't have to do that again next year. I simply cut a gift tag shape out of the front of cards, making sure there wasn't any writing on the back so that I have a blank side to write a message on. I then punched a hole ready for twine, wool or... Read more →

I couldn't resist sharing pictures of the two gifts we bought Little Eco for Christmas. This gorgeous doll is a Little Jenny Wren Doll handmade by Jenny Marshall. I knew this doll was going to be gorgeous as i've long admired Jenny's dolls, however I wasn't prepared for just how sweet she is in real life. She's 100% natural, with cotton skin, wool stuffing, and all natural fibre hair and clothing. She even has hand knitted underwear. I felt a little weird taking photos of a dolls underwear, but they are too cute not to share. She also comes with... Read more →

I resorted to buying a birthday gift for one of Little Eco's friends today. I just couldn't find the energy to 'whip something up' like I usually do. So I did the next best thing and bought someone else's handmade goodies. I popped into Blackbird Corner and bought some hair clips by Sheeps Clothing and elastics by Oopsidaisi. I thought it was a sweet, practical and ethical gift. But it didn't look like much. So I made a simple draw-string bag out of a vintage sheet. The bag took less than 10 minutes to make and made the not-made-by-me gift... Read more →

A few friends looked after our chooks while we were away. I thought an appropriate thank you gift for the chook-sitting kids would be some miniatures of our chooks. Using the 'Baby Chick' instructions in The Sweater Chop Shop book, some felted jumpers, and rescued buttons, I created.... Tara, Mable, Dunno, Lollie and Wanda. These cute little chicks are so quick and easy to make (once I followed the instructions properly instead of trying to do my own thing). I'm not sure the real Tara and Mable were impressed. While on the topic of felt toys. Have you seen... Read more →