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Stop buying stuff and donate instead: Charity Christmas gifts

We're giving charity gifts this Christmas. I love that by giving charity Christmas gifts we're distancing ourselves from the commercialisation of Christmas. I also love that charity giving is super green, because the resources involved include little more than some paper, printing and postage. And let's not forget that charity Christmas gifts are tax deductible. I hope that giving charity gifts becomes a new Christmas tradition for our family. It's not like anyone in our family truly needs anything. I finished our Christmas shopping only moments ago and have a lovely warm and fuzzy feel-good feeling. I don't recall shopping... Read more →

Welcoming summer: Planet Boab ethical and eco t-shirt giveaway

I can smell Summer. Long days. Ocean swims. Sunshine. The sound of Cicadas. To welcome Summer i'm offering readers a chance to win a Planet Boab t-shirt. I shared my love for Planet Boab t-shirts earlier in the year. Planet Boab t-shirts are made here in Australia in a sweatshop free factory from 100% certified organic cotton and are hand printed using water based inks. Whats not to love! I treat myself to one new Planet Boab t-shirt each summer. I'm onto my third and my first is still going strong despite being worn literally over 100 times. It was... Read more →

Megan from The Byron Life recently featured the dress-up wings I made for Little Eco from old t-shirts (using this tutorial). She's motivated me to share some pictures of the wings I've subsequently made for birthday gifts..... {image by Madeline} There were three more sets, all for boys. In black & red, browns and blues. But I made these three the night before they all needed to gifted (on the same day!) so I barely finished them let alone had time to take a photo. I haven't been able to motivate myself to make a pair since that epic night.... Read more →

I wrote a post a few months back titled ‘Here's one of the reasons why I don't like plastic toys’. In response to that post, Frances wisely commented: 'There's plastic and there's plastic, though, isn't there? We buy most of our toys second hand (often like new and they come with NO packaging), and we sell or donate what we've outgrown.’ While I agree the world needs less cheap crap in general, not every plastic toy is cheap, or crap. Not handcrafted, ok, but there are well designed, open-ended toys out there in every material. I refuse to feel bad... Read more →