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Want to help your kids be a Conservation Biologist for the day tomorrow?

Ironbark Creek Catchment Safari. Wandering through the Hunter Wetlands Centre

We’re heading out for a quick walk through the Hunter Wetlands National Park tomorrow to search for White Ibis as part of the Australian white ibis community survey.

Those of you in NSW, Queensland and Victoria can join in too if you like? More details here.

I reckon, that if you want to maximise your chances of spotting one, a trip to your local tip is your best bet. There's a reason these birds are commonly known as the bin chicken or tip turkey. 

Other opportunities to get involved in nature conservation

I’m noticing more and more opportunities for the community to get involved in nature conservation these days. And I suspect we’ll see even more over time given that one of the key objectives of the National Strategy for the Conservation of Australia's Biological Diversity is involving the community.

Another opportunity I want to look into is mangrove watch.

Do you know of any other upcoming family-friendly nature conservation activities/events? 

Here’s a few for the Hunter region during November:

Have a lovely weekend.

Perfect opportunity to contribute to your community ~Clean up Australia Day~

Clean Up Australia Day is on next weekend. We've registered to help out at our local park. How about you? Are you going to help clean up Australia?

IMG_2490-1 Little Eco on her second Clean Up Australia Day. This year will be her fourth.

How to be a conservation biologist for a day

I've been thrilled to see an increasing number of opportunities for the community to be involved in biodiversity conservation. Like this Sunday 31st October, you could join in an Australia-wide Ibis Census. Or if you live in Western Australia, you could help by listening out for the the White-striped Bat.  Or if you live in NSW you can help by taking this Community Wildlife Survey.

The opportunities seem endless. There's also ClimateWatch, Earthwatch, Landcare, and Conservation Volunteers Australia. You can even become a Scientist for a day or help conserve Sydney Harbour National Park’s flora and fauna.

5083050630_1f3b502b95_z A team of community volunteers who recently helped survey for a critically endangered plant. Julie of Towards Sustainability shares her experience as a volunteer on the day here

It's apparently called citizen science and i'm pretty certain we'll be seeing even more of it in the future. Australia's Biodiversity Conservation Strategy, released only a few days ago, identifies engaging all Australian's in biodiversity conservation as a major priority. The strategy acknowledges that everyone has a responsibility to conserve biodiversity, not just government.

I like it!

Playing with nature in the city

Do you sometimes struggle to find ways to connect with nature when living in a city?

I recently re-discovered a great place to connect with nature in the city: the museum.

I had a girls day out in Sydney with my mum and Little Eco on Sunday. We were planning to catch a ferry to the zoo, but the rain dampened our enthusiasm. We decided to visit the Australian Museum instead.

Wow! What a great place for kids to play with nature.

There's a Kidspace especially for under 5's.

"Kidspace is a dedicated 'mini-museum' that stimulates young children's imaginations and encourages them to explore the natural world. Kids are encouraged to investigate real-life objects and specimens by peering into magnifying glasses to examine insects, looking at animal X-rays on a light table and even touching a human skeleton!"


Little Eco especially loved being able to pat all the stuffed animals and I was particularly impressed with the scat (poo) collection in the Search and Discover space.

Entry to the museum is free for Kids under five and adults are only $12, which is not bad when compared with the price of the zoo or aquarium.

We're planning to head back down to the Museum next month for 'Bones, Bones, Bones! for Under 5s'.

For more play inspiration head on over to Childhood 101 for today's We Play.

P.S. Thanks to those of you who provided links to other online pre-loved clothing stores. I've edited the original post to include a list of australian online pre-loved clothing stores. I should fess up to having shopped at three of these stores in the past fortnight. I love ethical shopping being so easy, but I think I better slow down ;-)

Don't forget 'Raid My Wardrobe' tomorrow


For those of you in Newcastle tomorrow (Sunday) don't forget the unreal second hand clothing event 'Raid My Wardrobe'. I came away with some great finds last time (shown above) and this time there will be twice as many stalls!

Raid My Wardrobe Newcastle: Sunday 21st August 10am to 2pm at the Newcastle Basketball Stadium, Broadmeadow.

Future 'Raid My Wardrobe' events are to be held in Maitland, Central Coast and Sydney. More details here.