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I couldn’t resist adding the ‘ugly’ to this caption. I’ll be honest – I’m not overly fond of Ibis. I think it’s because I mostly see them as muddy birds in ‘dirty’ disturbed places such as garbage tips or in urban parks where their numbers are so great that they have totally defoliated areas. But my distaste for their moving into urban places is all the more reason for me to help out with the Annual Australian White Ibis survey this Sunday 7th February. Sorry – it’s for those in NSW only. Ibis numbers have grown along the east coast,... Read more →

Only the other day I wrote about enjoying (without destroying) suburban wildlife. I recently came across a publication that explores this issue: “Too close for comfort: Contentious issues in human-wildlife encounters” published by the Royal Zoological Society of New South Wales (the book is not yet available on their publications page, but i am sure it will be shortly). I found Harry Recher’s foreword to this book so thought provoking and relevant to some of the issues I am exploring at the moment regarding living sustainably in an urban environment, that I wanted to quote some of his foreword here…... Read more →

…and far from it. I was rather surprised as I had thought we were living a ‘relatively’ green lifestyle. As mentioned in my first post we already do a number of ‘eco’ things around the home. We also try not to consume too much and also try to buy second hand. How wrong was I!!!! I think we need to try a little lot harder! My footprint ranged from 3.8 global hectares to 4.2 global hectares depending upon which calculator I used. Far from the 1.8 global hectares it should be if we were to ensure the earth is not... Read more →