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I was buying Bananas at the farmers market this morning and had the following conversation with the Banana farmer..... Me: I'm growing Bananas at home, but the Flying Foxes have been eating them. What do you do to stop them? Farmer: Shoot em! Laugh Laugh. Me: Awkward laugh. Farmer: Thats right...its probably a bit hard to do that in an urban area. We can do anything we want in the country. Laugh laugh from the farmer and his friends. I didn't know what to say. I was tempted to rattle on about them being a threatened species protected under both... Read more →

Whale watching at Jervis Bay last year. The whale watching season has started here in NSW. The whales are currently migrating north to spend the winter in warmer waters. I’ve just discovered the Wild about Whales education campaign and I thought it was worth sharing. There’s an informative website full of information, images, and video. Little Eco and I spent much of this evening exploring the images and video and talking about our whale watching experience last year (I love that she doesn’t seem to remember she spent most of the trip vomiting and is keen to go again. I’m... Read more →

We visited Bar Beach on Monday hoping to see a dead beached whale. We missed it. The whale had just been buried. It’s World Ocean Day today. Timely for me, because I’ve been thinking about the ocean a lot recently. In particular, i've been saddened by our disconnection to this magical place. Sea life suffocating in oil. Chicks starving to death on a diet of human trash. Marine creatures suffering a slow strangled death. Do we care? Perhaps knowing that the toxic chemicals in plastic are now making their way into our food chain will be the wake-up-call? I urge... Read more →

We discovered a dead Flying Fox on the side of the road today. She was below power lines so was probably electrocuted. These cute furry creatures are, to me, one of the saddest examples of our disconnection with nature. We’ve destroyed their habitat, leaving them little option but to forage among us. Instead of being pleased that we can help conserve this threatened species, we're bothered by their noise, or concerned that they smell or may kill a tree or two. So we force them on, to who knows where, by spraying them with water, blasting them with loud noises,... Read more →

Today is International Day for Biological Diversity. I know I’d be wasting my time trying to talk to a three year old about ‘Biodiversity’. Thankfully, you don’t actually need to talk about something to learn about it. I had planned to take Little Eco on an ‘expedition’ to see if we could find a threatened plant that was recorded ‘on top of sea cliff south of Newcastle Beach’ by botanist and conservationist L.A.S Johnson in 1953, and as far as I’m aware it hasn’t been recorded there since. Little Eco wasn’t overly excited about the expedition, but once I drew... Read more →