Conservation Feed

I grow my own veggies organically and often buy organic food. There are many reasons why I favour organic. I prefer my food be free of pesticide residues and I’d rather support small, sustainable farmers than large-scale industrialised agribusinesses. But the main reason I buy organic is that it’s better for the environment. I highlight recent research into the environmental benefits of organic farming. Read more →

We recently enjoyed a rare sunny afternoon playing at the beach. Little Eco danced, made sand angels, and we all joined in some beach art, creating art from the plastic that littered the beach. I was truly surprised by just how much plastic littered the beach. The above plastic was collected within only a few minutes while wandering less than ten metres. I was reminded of all that plastic this week by a news story about a dead sea turtle found washed up on a beach in northern NSW. This poor turtle likely starved to death after more than 300... Read more →

I often feel that too much emphasis is placed on decreasing our ecological footprint. Even if by some incredible miracle, the entire global population began living within the means of our planet overnight, nature would still be stuffed. Soils would still be contaminated, rivers would remain polluted, native animals would continue to be preyed on by exotic pests and disease, native plants would continue to be displaced by environmental weeds, threatened species would continue to be driven to extinction by the impacts of habitat fragmentation, CO2 would still be elevated, and climate change would still be happening. The earth we... Read more →