Backyard chooks Feed

Remember our rooster dilemma? We had decided to pay to have Duffa Dilly Bong and Flappy euthanased humanely by the RSPCA. We weren't thrilled about doing the deed ourselves, nor was I prepared to return them to the seller to be transported in unknown conditions to an abattoir. Daddy Eco called our Rooster minders to let them know he'd be picking up the roosters the following day. To my delight he was told that Kate had fallen in love with them and wanted to keep one, but couldn't decide which one. So she's keeping both for now. Yay!! Saved by... Read more →

Remember those three cute little chickens I bought on a whim a few months ago? Two of them ended up being roosters. I suspected as such soon after I got them home. Two of the three had larger combs and liked to perform cute little miniature cock fight dances with each other. I knew buying five week-old chickens at the markets was not a smart thing to do. The seller claimed that they were too young to be sexed, but I think he was just trying to make a buck out of his roosters before he had to deal with... Read more →

Daddy Eco was away this weekend, and wasn't there to talk sense into Little Eco and I when we spotted three very cute four week old Pekin Bantams at the Farmer's Market. We had plans to add a couple of Pekins to our backyard flock (because they are so good with kids).... ..perhaps in a year or so.... point of lay so that we don't end up burdened with a rooster or two.... ..after we've made a few changes so that we can safely eat the eggs despite our yard having lead contamination. ..and definitely not in the next... Read more →

Our chooks free-range all day. Lately, a few have flown up onto our fence to check out the 'greener-pastures' on the other side. So it was time today to clip their wings. We do it every year or so, trimming the longer flight feathers off just one wing. Little Eco wanted to give it a go this year.... I just love the expressions on her face. While up and close, Little Eco wanted to check out all their wobbly bits. I couldn't remember what the wobbly bit below their beak was called. I've just googled it....its a wattle. How could... Read more →