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Time is precious. It’s a limited resource and I'm guessing most of us feel like we don’t have enough of it. One of the techniques I use to save time is function stacking – a permaculture concept that can save time and resources in the garden and beyond. Read more →

It's easy to not appreciate the true cost of our food when it’s so cheap. The full ethical and environmental costs aren’t included in the "Cheap, cheap. Down, down" prices you’ll find at the supermarket or fast food outlet. Thankfully, once you become more connected to your food, cheap undervalued food becomes easier to resist. I recently processed one of our roosters - and the value of chicken meat in my mind has increased exponentially. Read more →

Our young Australorp hens have started to lay. We placed a dozen fertilised eggs in an incubator back in May, and the girls have just laid their first eggs. From egg to egg took six months. I appreciate the humble egg more than ever. Here's how to raise chickens from egg to egg.... Read more →

We recently raised a batch of chickens from eggs. Our sweet little chickens taught Little Eco real-life lessons in patience, responsibility and reality. In comparison with the mobile phone cyber pet apps she loves - nothing beats the real thing. Read more →