On taking a breather (my midlife gap year)
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Nature memoir Greenhood: the delight in being dormant, will be out 2022

"I hope Greenhood inspires you to create a clearing in your life—a dormant moment to imbibe in your essence—to rest, reflect, and revise, so that you can emerge renewed and with clarity, knowing exactly what it is you wish to cultivate." Tricia D. Walker. 

Here in the southern hemisphere, we are at the midpoint between winter solstice and spring equinox—early spring—the birth of a new solar year. Embracing nature's seasonal energies, now is the ideal time for new projects to germinate. And so it is that I finally let this little project of mine unfurl.... Greenhood cover reveal F

Greenhood: the delight in being dormant, will be out in 2022.


Greenhood is a nature memoir about discovering the delight in being dormant.

It is a permission slip to slow down and double-check you are on the right path.

I was longing for a deeper connection with the natural world. Inspired by the likes of Henry David Thoreau and his time in a small cottage in the woods near Walden Pond, Cheryl Strayed and her Pacific Crest Trail hike, Claire Dunn and her year without matches, and Maya Ward and her pilgrimage along the Yarra River, I would have loved to head to the hills. But being in the depths of mothering, that wasn’t an option.  

So rather than step away from my life, I stepped deeper into it.

I declared a midlife ‘gap year’ and focused on living life rather than earning a living.

Nature seeped into the space left behind by paid work. Anxiety and overwhelm disappeared with my salary.

I tuned in to the natural world and learnt to dwell in between, to linger between one life stage and the next.

These ‘pauses’ are just as important as all the ‘doing’. Nature knows that. You don’t see her trying to bloom all year round.



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