Slowing down to start the new year with calm and clarity
On taking a breather (my midlife gap year)

How to create the time to live YOUR fair and sustainable life?

Your fair and sustainable life

Almost a year ago I wrote here that I was going to step away from this space for a month - to focus on home and start the new year with a calm mind and a clear vision.

It seems one month wasn't enough. This space became one of the many casualties of me ruthlessly clearing the clutter from my schedule. A move that was necessary for me to move even closer to living the life that I aspire to.

We can't have and do everything - we have to choose. And I chose to focus on home for a while.

I practiced what I preach. I simplified my schedule, scheduled in white space, said goodbye to contaminated time, and focused on doing whats important - not urgent

Little eco footprints tny home 1

Speaking of whats important. We finally finished and moved into our tiny home. Here's a sneak peak. 

Little eco footprints tiny home 3

Little eco footprints tiny home 2

I'll share more in the new year. For now I wanted to pop back in briefly to let you know about a free workshop I'll be delivering tomorrow at the Newcastle Fair Share Festival.

The full program looks incredible; teenagers building a tiny home, loads of upcycling workshops, alternatives to consumerism and consumption, and urban farming. 

I'm facilitating a free two hour workshop on 'Creating time to live YOUR fair and sustainable life'. I'd love to see you there. 

I've missed this space and am looking forward to returning in the new year.