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September 2015

Children don't need expensive over-packaged boxes of plastic to craft. Nor do they need a selection of board games to play games. Some wool, paper, scissors, a packet of cards and couple of everyday pantry ingredients can provide all they need for endless play. Here's a few of my favourite old-fashioned frugal play ideas. Read more →

I'm making weed tea. In a couple of weeks' time I'll have bucketfuls of stinky liquid fertiliser, rich in minerals and microbes, ready to boost the productivity and resilience of my garden. Turning weeds into nutrient-rich liquid fertiliser is a great way to use a resource that may have otherwise gone to waste. Read more →

I've challenged myself to spend an hour in the garden each day for the whole of spring. Time in the garden is good for our health, wellbeing - and can even increase our longevity. Here's eight reasons why its a good idea to get out in the garden each day. Read more →

Do your children have enough time to simply play? Or is their schedule too full? Unstructured play is how they learn to imagine, create, communicate, and resolve problems. It’s how they learn to live a meaningful life. Read more →