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August 2015

My first sweetcorn seeds for the season have gone into the ground. I've sown two varieties so far and will be planting at least another three. I didn't plan to grow so much corn, but I couldn't resist. A corn and maize conservation project run by Greenpatch Organic Seeds is now in its third year and Australian gardeners can start to reap its rewards. Read more →

Many herbs and weeds can be used as herbal tea. Drinking herbal tea is an easy way to increase water intake. It's also an easy way to take healing herbs and increase your intake of antioxidants. You can buy herbal teas bags. But often the contents are stale, highly processed, and of a volume far too small to be of benefit. I prefer my herbal tea to be homegrown or wild. Read more →

My bee hives are buzzing after months of quiet. The wattles and eucalypts have burst into blossom. And there's an energy in the air that assures me that winter is over. Sprinter has sprung. According to Tim Entwisle, author of Sprinter and Sprummer: Australia's changing seasons, the traditional four season system does not make sense in Australia. Read more →

A large bucket of ash – the result of cleaning out our wood stove – had me searching for ways to use wood ash. A byproduct of burning hardwood, wood ash is far more useful than I expected. It can be used to decrease soil acidity and sweeten smelly worm farms. Chooks love to bathe in it, and it can even be used to make soap. Read more →