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I've fallen in love with the idea of building a home from hemp. Growing hemp is a great way to sequester carbon and restore farmland. And hemp homes are comfortable to live in. Hemp walls are highly insulative and behave similar to materials with high thermal mass. The breathable walls also manage humidity efficiently and provide excellent indoor air quality. Read more →

We evolved with microbes. And it’s starting to look like we don’t function properly without them. Here's 5 tips to boost your good microbes. 1 Play in the dirt. 2 Grow your own food organically. 3 Buy fruit and vegetables that have been grown on small organic or family farms. 4. Enjoy fermented foods. 5. Repeat. Read more →

There's plenty of opportunities to learn skills for sustainable living in the Hunter Valley this month. There's courses in wildcraft, hemp masonry, biodynamics, medicinal herbs, grass identification, and making goats milk soap. Read more →

Somewhere along the line, money took over our lives. The dollar became almighty. And now we’re paying for it. With our happiness, our health, and the environment. But it doesn't have to be this way. We can embrace the gift economy.... Read more →