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With a little preparation (and fermentation if you are game) - a bowl of nutritious and delicious oat porridge can be made in minutes. Here's four steps to making a frugal and healthy bowl of porridge. Read more →

What our busy over-scheduled kids need most is time to simply play. It seems counter-intuitive, but I find myself having to schedule and organise unstructured play. It's not a matter of simply ensuring my daughter has free time - because if she managed her free time she'd spend it sitting in front of a screen. Here are some of my favourite ways to encourage unstructured play: Read more →

Properly cared for timber chopping boards improve with age. Their well-worn surface has character and they are just as hygienic as new timber chopping boards. In contrast, plastic chopping boards become a haven for bacteria once marked with knife-cuts. Your wooden chopping board can last a lifetime (or two) if cared for properly. Read more →