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February 2015

Commercial liquid hand soap was the first product I ditched when I started simplifying our household’s personal care products. I now make a simple foaming handwash using only two ingredients: water and castile soap. By switching to a simple homemade handwash, you can reduce exposure to unnecessary chemicals, minimise waste and save money. Read more →

Foraging is more than simply gathering free food. It can fulfil an innate urge to collect and is surprisingly rewarding. But it can take a while to get used to the unusual and variable flavours. I've found that prickles, patience and practice are part of the process when learning how to forage food. Learning how to forage Prickly Pear provides the perfect example. Read more →

I’ve been watching with interest the progress of a proposed rural land sharing community here in the Hunter Valley. The Shepherds Ground Village and Farm is forging ahead and provides an inspiring model for how communities can live and produce food sustainably. Port Stephens Council has granted development consent and almost half of the 29 memberships have already sold Read more →

It's easy to not appreciate the true cost of our food when it’s so cheap. The full ethical and environmental costs aren’t included in the "Cheap, cheap. Down, down" prices you’ll find at the supermarket or fast food outlet. Thankfully, once you become more connected to your food, cheap undervalued food becomes easier to resist. I recently processed one of our roosters - and the value of chicken meat in my mind has increased exponentially. Read more →