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Shopping can be a bothersome chore. Or it can be a way to contribute to your community. It’s your choice. You can pop into the supermarket, check out via an automatic teller and support a large national company more interested in profit than people. Or you can wander into your local greengrocer, butcher or independent baker and chat to a familiar face and contribute to the viability of small business in your community. Read more →

Our children don't get enough wild time. Their missing out on opportunities to boost their confidence, resilience and creativity. But what can we do? School holidays provide a chance to catch up on wild time. There’s plenty of nature-based adventure playgrounds and school-holiday programs. Little Eco and I recently tried two of them: Treetops Adventure Park and Wildcraft Australia's Kids Camp. Read more →

Rainwater barrels and water tanks are probably what most people think of when wanting to catch and store rainwater for their garden. But there are other easier and far less expensive options. Permaculture practitioner and educator Mark Brown from Purple Pear Farm recently shared a few water collecting ideas with me. Read more →

Decluttering possessions can be hard, but as I’ve discovered, it is nothing compared to decluttering your dreams. Our hopes and goals are such a large part of who we are. But they evolve and change. Just like our homes, our goals can become cluttered. We need to let go of old goals to make space for new dreams to flourish. Read more →