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December 2014

I like looking back at the end of each year to see which posts were most popular with readers. It gives me an idea of what you like, who you are, or who you aspire to be. It seems you are a barefoot, bee-lover who's happy to live simply. My top three posts for the year were: 1. Bee friendly to native bees: how to build a solitary bee hotel 2. Footloose and free: benefits of barefoot walking. 3. Simple living a selfish joy. Read more →

Now is the perfect time to consider changing habits. For those of you who haven’t chosen a new year’s resolution – here’s a few for you to consider. These resolutions are not only good for you, they’re good for the planet. Read more →

There are few opportunities to connect with neighbours these days. Children play in backyards or are busy with after-school activities. Families arrive and leave in cars, rarely bumping into their neighbours. But in Newcastle there are exceptions – they are called 'Transition Streets'. Neighbours in transition streets know each other. They work together to build their community and help each other make positive environmental change. Transition Newcastle are on the look-out for new transition streets for the 2015 program. Read more →

I’d like to take my connection with nature to the next level and learn a few bush survival skills. So I was pleased to discover Wildcraft Australia – a Hunter based wilderness survival school. Guides Nikki and Sam deliver courses in bush craft, survival skills, wild craft for kids, weaving, bush food, knife making, cord making and more... Read more →