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The festive season has evolved into a celebration of consumerism. Our household is trying to fight against the commercialisation of Christmas and downplay the tradition of gift-giving - but without being scrooges. One solution is to be more generous with our presence, rather than our presents. We've embraced traditions that help us connect instead of consume. My favourite festive season tradition is our creative countdown to Christmas... Read more →

Water kefir is a naturally fizzy fermented drink laden with probiotics. It is bubbly and refreshing like soft drink, but without the artificial ingredients and with far less sugar. The beneficial bacteria and yeast are an added bonus. Water kefir is easy to make. Here's a recipe. Read more →

Our young Australorp hens have started to lay. We placed a dozen fertilised eggs in an incubator back in May, and the girls have just laid their first eggs. From egg to egg took six months. I appreciate the humble egg more than ever. Here's how to raise chickens from egg to egg.... Read more →

My strawberry patch is bursting with sweet berries. If you manage your strawberry plants properly, you can enjoy homegrown berries forever, without having to buy new plants every few years. I'm sharing tips for growing organic strawberries in your backyard. Read more →