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September 2014

I was pleased when I heard about The Commons Sustenance project and its efforts to make lessons in wholesome cooking accessible to everyone in Newcastle. 10 affordable food and well-being classes are being delivered at The Commons cafe and community space. Read more →

My daughter and I recently took off our shoes and tried barefoot bushwalking. Surprised by how good we felt during and after our barefoot walk, I wanted to find out more about the benefits of walking barefoot. I asked a barefoot Buddhist monk friend why he thought walking barefoot is good for us. Here's his thoughts on the benefits of barefoot walking. Read more →

Not everyone has the space for a backyard vegie garden. But most people will have the space to grow microgreens. A sunny windowsill or well-lit kitchen bench is all the space you need. Microgreens are packed with nutrients, can fit into the tiniest of spaces and are quick and easy to grow. Keen to grow my own microgreens, I asked urban micro farmer Elle Brown, from Newcastle Greens, for some tips. Read more →

A healthy worm farm has so much to offer. Worm wee can be used as a liquid fertiliser. Their castings can be used to enrich your seed-raising mix or as a nutrient-rich soil conditioner. And handfuls of worms can be fed to your chooks as a high-protein treat. The healthier your farm, the faster your worms will reproduce and the more wee, castings and worms you can harvest. Read more →